5 things that could stop you from being happy !

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Health & Wellness, Spiritual ( Awakening )
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When we people want to bring luck in our worlds,

we start looking for things that make us happy,

or things that stops us from being happy.

Sometimes the key to happiness might be

to let go of old habits and behaviours.

So, How to be happy as an human!?


1:   Stop blaming other people


Blaming is a scapegoat for taking responsibility for your own results.

It’s a lot easier to point your fingers to  someone else,

instead of looking within yourself.

It doesn’t help you nor the other one.

The amount of energy and stress it takes for someone to blame others,

keeps you away from reaching your goal.


2:   Stop trying to impress


Accept yourself as you are and your tendencies,

weaknesses, strengths and vulnerabilities, 

embracing yourself, and feeling comfortable.

 If you’re confident, you no longer care what anyone thinks of you.

You won’t worry anymore whether someone will like you or not,

because you know deep inside

that you do not condemn people who are important in your life.


3:   Stop being the victim


The idea that you are merely a result of all external variables,

keeps you from the responsibility to take control of your life into your own hands.

Life can be unfair, unkind and seem unjust,

but the victim role is your ability to continue in the state you are.


4:   Stop telling yourself

that you have the right to ” do it ”


Nobody owes you anything. Nobody.

If you think someone owes you anything,
you will once again be disappointed.

If you are grateful for what you have

and see positive things as a bonus

rather than an expectation you will be pleased 


5:   Stop faking !


In a society where we are rewarded for excellence,

we are constantly engaged in a role play.

We try to let the world see that we are perfect .

People are always hoping to be accepted.

 Our beauty is our vulnerability, our love, our deep and complex emotions

and ofcourse our humanity.

If we accept ourselves as we are instead of being perfect,

we open ourselves to create a true connection with ourselfs and others.


What do think about this?

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