( VIDEO ) How Do The Dimensions Work ?

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Spiritual ( Awakening )
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Today we learn the differents between dimensional levels.

we discover and understand where we as people are on that scale.

We will look at the physics and the relationship between

Leonardo da Vinci and the Freemasons.


Everything in the universe consists of frequency and vibration,

which is a scientific fact.


This vibration is infinite and harmonious flowing through octaves.

It works with color, music and even the chakras.

The Keylontic Science reveals much about dimensions.

There are four densities in this universe in 12 dimensions.


For example, our density is a density,

but the density contains three dimensions.

The “beings” from the first dimension in this density,

such as minerals and crystals live at an unconscious level.

The two-dimensional creatures like

small animals, insects and bacteria, are living on an instinctive level.

The beings from the third dimension in the first density live on an intellectual level.

Here is where we find the people and the larger animals.


This video will explain it further and take it to the next level.

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