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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivers a startling message to the people of Britain

and christians in an “Alternative” Christmas message.

The words he uses largly are more significant than those of the established Church!


The Al-Qaeda flag has been flying high over Libya and the governments of the western world that helped remove Gaddafi from power don’t seem to mind at all.

  The flag, which contains the phrase “there is no God but Allah” with a full moon underneath, has been photographed flying beside the new national flag of Libya at the courthouse in Benghazi. 

The courthouse in Benghazi is where the “rebels” established their provisional government, and it is where the “media center” for communication with foreign journalists was located during the fight against Gaddafi.

  So it isn’t as if the al-Qaeda flag has been flying over some insignificant building.  But this should be no surprise.  It has been known all along that al-Qaeda was very heavily represented in the army of “the rebels” and among the leadership of “the rebels”. 

Now, thanks to Obama, they have taken over Libya and they intend to impose a brutal form of Sharia law on the entire Libyan population.

You can see more pictures of the al-Qaeda flag flying over Libya on the website of the Telegraph and on the website of the Daily Mail.

The following is video of the al-Qaeda flag flying over the courthouse in Benghazi :

In December last year, an American unmanned aerial vehcile, or spy drone, went down in Iran and was shown off on Iranian TV in almost perfect condition. US President Barack Obama confirmed the capture and politely asked the Iranians to return the drone. The Iranians have just responded with a sense of humour not often seen.

Iran unveiled its colourful range of toy drones, each engraved with a slogan from Iran’s late founder Ayatollah Khomeini saying, “We will step on the United States.” The toys are tiny replica models of the RQ-170 drone and will be available in stores throughout the Islamic republic on the first of February.

The head of the cultural department of Aaye Art Group — the manufacturer — said Iran was honouring Obama’s request, “We wanted for Mr. Obama himself to have these toys and know that Iranians don’t leave anyone’s requests unanswered. We made the ‘RQ’ in pink as it is Mr. Obama’s favourite colour, and we will send it to him via the Swiss embassy.”

The 23-year-old director, Seyyed Saeed Hassan-Pour, insisted the move was a friendly gesture, designed to show the kinder side of the Iranian people, “We decided to show that we can deal with this issue in a very friendly and peaceful manner and put it in the playful hands of the children of Iran to pursue a ‘soft war’ with Mr. Obama and the US. This was the aim of producing this aircraft.”